From Saving Tower Theater To Sia: Rain Dove Chats With Eve Reiland On Instagram | #SaveTowerTheater

Livestream Interview with Rain Dove and Eve Reiland regarding the #SaveTowerTheater campaign in Fresno, California.

I’m feeling so fortunate to be heard! Recently, I reached out to Rain Dove on Instagram to share about the challenge we have in Fresno, California to protect our Arts & Culture community here in The Tower District.

Adventure Church is attempting to bully their way into the community by purchasing The Tower Theater. They know full well the zoning regulations don’t allow for a church in the Main Street designated for businesses, restaurants, entertainment and night life venues. They are attempting to circumvent the zoning and plant their anti-LGBTQIA church in the heart of our district.

The theater has long been a symbol of acceptance, love and community for many of us in the Central Valley. Growing up different in this area is very difficult and the pressure for social conformity is extreme. The Tower Theater is in the heart of the district, and is the final hurrah of our Pride Parade and is the home of Reel Pride Festival.

Many thanks to Rain Dove for hearing me, and for giving me the opportunity to speak with them regarding this challenge that threatens to unravel the Arts & Community district and culture here.

Also discussed is Sia’s new movie “Music” and other Autistic activism and Divergent topics.

Rain Dove: An American gender non-conforming model, actor and activist.

Connect with Rain Dove: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Transcript of Rain Dove Interview (Note: Written to be of my ability – Eve)

Rain Dove: Hi, how’s it going? I just put up a new piece of content today. I’ve just been so happy to see how people are engaging with it. Cos it’s a space for people to leave words of affirmations for others and to ask for words of affirmations from the community. And everyone has been just so lovely and I love seeing people ask for help because it’s a really difficult thing to do.

I wish I did it a long time ago. I love seeing the incredible words of encouragement coming from all of you all, supporting folks.

Today I am continuing my month-long bit of lives, and I’ll be talking with someone known on instagram as badass activist, and they have a cool project coming up an this is an opportunity to hear what they’re doing. And how everything is working out.

Also if you signed up for class tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m really excited for you to be able to hang out. Also, I will be taking questions throughout this. I read everything you write when we’re talking so please don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions or say anything you want to say. There’s a little question bubble down below and you can ask whatever question you want there.

Oh, thank you (responding to person on chat screen). You know what’s funny, every time I post on instagram I always feel like it is the last time people ever will love me. It’s so weird, but it’s a creative mindset kind of thing. I always feel pretentious posting anything on social media. So, because it does go out to such a large audience I feel responsible for what is said. So I try really hard to make sure that anything is posted it’s posted with intention, and purpose. Whenever anyone supports anything I post, especially a collaboration with a brand, I’m always floored. I’m always so grateful. I just want to let you know. Yes, I love you so much.

I got a new binder yesterday, best feeling ever. I fucking cried, yes. Don’t forget to only wear your binder for like 8 hours or less, and then give your body a break. You do need to do that. I know it it may cause some dysphoria to not be in your binder but its super super important, because it can cause deformations or cracks within your lungs or chest area. So make sure you breath a lot, but I’m very proud of you.

It’s so cool. Isn’t it neat how clothings fits so different when you wear a binder? I was always shocked by that. I don’t know what brand you got, I always recommend (brand name? Go gc2b?) and if you can’t afford a binder, they’ll help you find a sponsor so that you can get a binder. Very, very important. They also have Black History Month promotions this month for their binders, so if you get one you also support a very great cause.

So let me see, lets see if i can get this human on here.

So I just sent a request to the person I’ll be chatting with.


Eve: Hello.

Rain Dove: How are you doing?

Eve: I’m doing good today. Thank you very much.

Rain Dove: First of all I want to say I’m so grateful that you’ve come on and agreed to talk about what you’re advocating before. I know you mentioned you were feeling vulnerable coming on camera. And I know that sometimes it can really cause some anxiety to be in front of so many people.

I just want to say that is such a testament that you believe in what you’re doing. The fact that you’re willing to take that risk even if you feel a little bit uncomfortable says a lot about how important this cause is, and I’m just so honored by that. And so happy to have you here.

Eve: Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to speak out about the issue in our area that’s going to have an unintentional, or unknown, ripple effect unless we bring it to light. That’s my great worry is the wellness and mental health of divergent and autistic people greatly depends on this district I’m in.

To state a little about it, it’s called the Tower District in Fresno, California. In the Central Valley here, it’s a very different culture here than what people understand about California say from LA or San Francisco.

We are very conservative here. Prop 8 was a big issue at one point for marriage equality and that fight was vicious here. The Tower is the arts & cultural center here and it’s very friendly to all faiths and all walks of life especially lgbtqia. We have our pride parades here. We have Reel Pride here.

… (in progress still … )

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