Fashion & Activism: Writing & Striking A Pose In Monotone

Sebastian Joesph stands in front of a white closet door and beige wall with a pink and white music poster, wearing a black shirt and black pants.

Sebastian Joesph is an Autistic activist and writer located in Washington state. He’s seen wearing a black monotone ensemble with a long-sleeved button-up collared shirt layered over a black t-shirt and paired with black jeans.

This style is very flexible and can work for anything from a casual zoom chat to intermixing at a social event. It’s also a look adaptive to most budgets whether your going to a favorite thrift store, shopping fast fashion or some variation in-between.

Sebastian Joesph shared he was inspired by his Autistic peers to go into advocacy after college, when he learned about the Neurodiversity Movement. In 2020, Sebastian launched Neurodiversity News with the goal to report on what’s happening in the movement, and highlight the work of activists and allies.

Neurodiversity News has recently partnered with the Neurodivergent Liberation Coalition.

Connect with Sebastian:




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