Autistic Fashion: Keeping It Fierce With Scarves

Amanda Seigler, Autistic Activist in Florida.

Amanda Seigler is an Autistic activist and blogger living in Florida, and the founder of the organization Fierce Autistics and Allies.

This American activist is well-known for their work taking on autism pseudoscience, quack cures and helping to stop Autistic abuse.

Amanda is seen here wearing a combination of amazing scarves. The first scarf is a large white and black tie-dye affair with bouncy black fringe. The second, layered on top, is a deep inky black overall with a pattern of white skulls. A variation of these scarves are available in online shops, or perhaps something similar can be scored at your favorite local thrift store.

Scarves are an Autistic style trend worldwide that doubles as adaptive fashion for sensory exposure. Amanda shared with me that they weren’t aware this was an Autistic trend, and not just a personal preference, until seeing the love for scarves by other Autistics here.

Amanda also designs products for Autistic awareness and Autistic pride on

Connect With Amanda:

Organization: Fierce Autistic & Allies

Facebook: Fierce Autie

Site: Fierce Autie

Twitter: @fierceautie

Storefront on Redbubble

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